Mountain training Coaching Award Scheme

'The Coaching Award Scheme is designed to develop the coaching skills of those working in indoor climbing walls, sport climbing and bouldering. Whether you’d like to coach the next climbing superstars, or simply create fun and engaging skills-based sessions, the Coaching Award Scheme is a great way to improve your climbing coaching skills. The scheme may also be of great interest and value to volunteer and professional leaders, instructors and guides.'


We are providers of both the Foundation and Development Coach training and assessment courses. Our area is Yorkshire, North East and South East Scotland: Harrogate, Leeds, Sunderland, Durham,  Newcastle and Edinburgh. All of our course dates are listed below as well as on the Mountain Training website where you will also find further details and information on how to apply. If you would like to arrange a private course further afield, or if these dates don't work for you, then please get in touch.

Client Reviews

Hi Andy! 

Thanks so much for the last few days. 

The content was great and you divided everything up nicely from classroom to practical (I appreciated the amount of practical we got to do!!) It's been the most fun I've had on a course.

But most of all thank you for being friendly and taking the time to listen to what we all had to say. I've been on so many courses that haven't been friendly and a real chore to get through. It's a brilliant quality you bring; so thank you!! 

Take care, Jess. 

Foundation Coach training, May 2019

Hi Andy, 

Just wanted to say thank you so much! Course was great and enjoyed every aspect of it. 

Hope to work with you again in the future at some point! 

All the best, 


Development Coach training, May 2019.

I just wanted to say thanks again for a fantastic course. It was great to see such well thought out coaching models and plans that I can apply to my own clients as well as being a great environment to share ideas with the others on the course. It's left me feeling motivated to be less slack with my own personal training and keen to work with more young climbers again! What a great bunch of people on the course as well and I think it's the first time that I wasn't the youngest on an MT course - I'm not sure if that's because I'm getting old or because there are more youths getting involved!

CM. Development Coach Training January 2019

Thanks for running a great day this week for us. You were totally right about my decision not to skip Foundation Coach training and the huge value I will have by completing the scheme as it is designed. I have to say that xxxx was right also in her recommendation to attend your course and the amount of thorough preparation and thought you put into the structure and delivery to make it a great day. It doesn't matter if you've been working in the industry for years or you've heard the coaching theories before, there is always something more to learn, or be reminded of or another way of delivering it and when it is delivered well there is definitely always more to learn. Thank you. 

It made me realise that the FUNdamentals 1/2 course that I did was a long time ago and didn't have the nice clear outcomes that your Foundation Coach course did. I am glad to be completing FUNdas 1 with you next wk and wish I'd done it prior to the Foundation coach day.  

I hope that the uptake for this scheme grows as newly qualified instructors CWI, RCI alike start their careers and perhaps either becomes integrated into these awards or a necessary component because it can only add to the quality of instruction and in turn customer satisfaction/progression.  

I liked how clearly you structured your sessions. I liked that there was the written prompts as well as your verbal dialogue to reiterate the key learning points. I liked that you checked/tested whether we'd retained the learning. Your delivery style is nice and calm and a good pace. And what a great venue! 

Thanks for a great day Andy.  

Catch you next week. 

MB. Foundation Coach Training  December 2018

'"I did Foundation Coach Training with Andy. We hadn't met before and I'll admit I was open-minded but slightly cynical about what hard outputs I might get from the course. I could not have been more wrong! Andy delivered an excellent day at Harrogate Wall that was very practical, packed full of 'high protein' tips and enjoyable too. Andy catered to our mixed-ability group with ease and I certainly left with a very clear picture of what good 'foundation coaching' is. He followed up the course with sending us all the slide pack and other resources. A superb day and I will certainly be looking to do further coaching modules under Andy's instruction. I highly recommend Andy and Climb for Life!"

Mike D.  Foundation Coach training. 8/02/2018

Harrogate Climbing Centre

Foundation Coach Assessment: Dates 24/04/2020 / Cost: £100 / Times: TBC

Development Coach Assessment: Dates 27/04/2020 / Cost: £150/ Times: TBC

Foundation Coach Training: Dates 01/10/2020 / Cost: £85 / Times: 10.00-17.30

Development Coach Training: Dates 20,21/05/2020 / Cost: £150 / Times: 10.00-17.00

Foundation Coach Training (outdoor based - Almscliffe): Dates 30/05/2020 / Cost: £85 / Times: 10.00-17.30

Sunderland Wall

Foundation Coach Training: Dates 25/03/2020 and 26/11/2020 Cost: £85 / Times: 10.00-17.30

Development Coach Training: Dates  TBC / Cost: £150 / Times: 10.00-17.30

Foundation Coach Assessment: Dates TBC / Cost: £100 / Times: TBC

The Big Depot, Leeds

Foundation Coach Training: Dates 20/11/2019 and 13/02/2020 and 1/07/2020 and 10/12/2020/ Cost: £85 / Times: 10.00-17.30

Development Coach Training: Dates 21, 22/11/2019 / Cost: £145 / Times: 10.00-17.30

The Depot, Manchester

Foundation Coach Training: Dates 30/03/2020 / Cost: £85 / Times: 10.00-17.30

Development Coach Training: Dates  31/03,01/04/2020 / Cost: £150 / Times: 10.00-17.30

Eden Rock, Carlisle

Foundation Coach Training: Dates: 22/04/2020 / Cost: £85 / Times: 10.00-17.30

Development Coach Training: Dates  21,22/10/2020 / Cost: £150 / Times: 10.00-17.30

Eden Rock, Edinburgh

Foundation Coach Training: Dates: 15/01/2020/ Cost: £85 / Times: 10.00-17.30

Foundation Coach Assessment: Dates: TBC/ Cost: £100 / Times: TBC

Development Coach Training: Dates: TBC / Cost: £150 / Times: 10.00-17.30

EICA Ratho

Development Coach Training: Dates: 16,17/01/2020 / Cost: £150 / Times: 10.00-17.30