Course aims

  • This two day course will provide a comprehensive introduction for someone new to climbing or making the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing. We will focus on developing effective climbing techniques and learning how to belay from both the top and bottom of the crag.

the course will cover

  • Identifying hazards at outdoor climbing venues

  • Bouldering and warming up

  • Developing outdoor climbing techniques: smearing, mantelshelf, jamming etc.

  • Belaying, holding falls and lowering

  • Tips on looking after the outdoor climbing environment

  • Equipment, guidebooks and grading systems

  • Anchor selection and building belays

  • Belaying from the top of the crag (using dynamic rope)

  • Use of static rope to equalise loads; set up anchors to belay from the bottom of the crag

Client review

After receiving contact details as a recommendation for climbing courses I rang up Andy and booked in for 3 days climbing locally in the UK. I can honestly say it was amazing, I learnt valuable techniques and advice that you just wouldn’t get when climbing with friends or even clubs. Andy’s way of teaching is so easy to understand and even though we did 1-1 training Andy was super easy to get on with. Andy knew my limits and we climbed some great routes with all different scenarios to learn and test the skills taught. I am now set to go out on my own with much more confidence and am looking forward to booking in again for another adventure.
Trevor, Introduction to Traditional Climbing (3 day course). July 2019.

'Based in Yorkshire or the North-East? Interested in any aspect of climbing, coaching or mountaineering for yourselves or your kids? I can strongly recommend you check out Andy Swann's services. A top professional who gets results in a fun and informative way'. 08/05/17

Dates, times and price

8/9th September / 10.00 - 17.00 / £100


Almscliffe Crag, Brimham Rocks or Scugdale in North Yorkshire

8/9th September: Northumberland (Alnwick area).


All specialist equipment provided but by all means bring your own if you have it. We have a range of climbing shoes in most sizes.


Get in touch to book onto the course or if you would like to find out more. Booking and payment information can be found here.