At Climb for Life we are proud of what we do and have many satisfied clients. Read what some of them have to say. We have reviews covering a range of courses dating back to 2013. Just ask.

After receiving contact details as a recommendation for climbing courses I rang up Andy and booked in for 3 days climbing locally in the UK. I can honestly say it was amazing, I learnt valuable techniques and advice that you just wouldn’t get when climbing with friends or even clubs. Andy’s way of teaching is so easy to understand and even though we did 1-1 training Andy was super easy to get on with. Andy knew my limits and we climbed some great routes with all different scenarios to learn and test the skills taught. I am now set to go out on my own with much more confidence and am looking forward to booking in again for another adventure.

Trevor, Introduction to Traditional Climbing (3 day course), July 2019.

Hey Andy,

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I thought you pitched the content perfectly and it felt to flow really nicely from our last session.I feel quite comfortable about the theory but it’s the judgement part that’s harder. I particularly liked the bits where you ask us to self direct and then assess. It’s really helpful to go through your thought process and how to critically examine a scenario.I think I’d get a lot out of you asking us to set up anchors in places that you already know are less than ideal and then talk us through how you improvise in those scenarios. Perhaps that’s just where I am in my learning at the moment so maybe not everyone would find that useful.Great days though, looking forward to August and no doubt future courses as well!

MC. Improvised Self Rescue, July 2019.

Thanks for the course, it was really helpful for me as a refresher with a couple new things thrown in, a great venue to know now too! I thought that the course was engaging and varied, it’s great to have people at different levels able to get as much out of the course as each other.

EM. Improvised Self Rescue, July 2019.

Hi Andy,

I’d like to thank you for the BMC FUNdamentals courses this week. I had a really good time and learned a lot. Plus it was fun!

I really like the way you delivered the course. The way you broke things down and gave us the time to think through and apply what we had learned really helped it to sink in. I can see now how to use that in my own teaching. I look forward to booking on another course with you in the future.All the best, Jonathan.

BMC FUNdamentals, July 2019.

Hi Andy,

Thank you. We had a really enjoyable day. I like your style of coaching. I was scared at times but I had absolute faith in the way you had set up the ropes, so was able to overcome those fears. I now feel confident to tackle the In Pinn next month. I’ll let you know how we get on. Tommy absolutely loved it so I think we’ll be getting him a pair of shoes and a mat.


Introduction to Outdoor Climbing, July 2019

Thanks Andy, sincerely, a great couple of days and a good crack. See you in a  couple of weeks for some more fun.

Matt L

Learn to Lead, June 2019.

Cheers Andy, had an absolutely quality day. Covered loads of ground and feel more confident in how to choose good starter routes. Stoked for the next trip! 

 Mike C

Learn to Lead, June 2019.

 Hi Andy. Just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant 2 days learning to lead climb. Your teaching is spot on and I’ve learned loads and feel very confident now in leading. Soon as I’m  free again on a weekend I’ll be back for more.

Thanks, Matt C 

Learn to Lead, June 2019.

Hi Andy,

Thanks so much for putting on such a great course. There was lots of consolidation at Foundation Coach level which was really useful. Two great demos from you allowed us to see what’s expected at both foundation and development coach. I'm just going through the resources you've sent us :)

All the best.

DM. Development Coach training, May 2019

Cheers for the course yesterday Andy.
It was a really well thought out day right from the off with a nice balance between classroom and activity based learning with enough time to let things sink in while we were mid activity and then back to the classroom for more.
The idea to run an ‘ideal’ coaching session and then review it with the grid was a great idea and the best you can get without actually watching a session with a group. We then all had an idea of a golden session to work from for the rest of the day and career!
Cheers for the day again and I hope you ended up having good weather for your MTB course.

Matt, Foundation Coach training, May 2019

Hi Andy! 

Thanks so much for the last few days. 

The content was great and you divided everything up nicely from classroom to practical (I appreciated the amount of practical we got to do!!) It's been the most fun I've had on a course.

But most of all thank you for being friendly and taking the time to listen to what we all had to say. I've been on so many courses that haven't been friendly and a real chore to get through. It's a brilliant quality you bring; so thank you!! 

Take care, Jess. 

Foundation Coach training, May 2019

Hi Andy, 

Just wanted to say thank you so much! Course was great and enjoyed every aspect of it. 

Hope to work with you again in the future at some point! 

All the best, 


Development Coach training, May 2019.

Thanks for a terrific day. I would never have thought I’d be able to climb up those faces.

I’m sure that your teaching style really inspired confidence in me Andy.

CW May 2019

Introduction to Outdoor Climbing

Really enjoyed the day at the crag as well and it was great to get up some great routes as well as learning at the same time. Would definitely love to hear about any dates you have lined up and if you ever have a space to fill on a trip. 

Feedback is great. Was really good to be able to go through techniques in really well chosen spots for each exercise. Your knowledge of the area and the individual routes etc. was fantastic and enabled us to focus on getting the most important things for the day. Also great to have a few photos of me climbing outside. 

Thanks again, Max.

Learn to lead, March 2019.

Thanks again for last week. I had such a great time and feel like I've learnt loads. It's really psyched me up to get outside and get back to El Chorro as soon as possible! 


Sport Climbing in El Chorro, March 2019.

It was so nice to spend the week with you, Sal and Bev. It’s been a amazing learning experience as well as a holiday, and really boosted my motivation to climb. It was great how despite the large range of abilities and experience in the group, you tended to everyone’s needs.

I also really enjoyed the social side of it: the breakfasts, dinners and chill out time by the pool. You were excellent in building a cohesive team and encouraging us to work together. I think what would have sold the trip for me (even more!) is if your website included something about the social end of things. For beginner outdoor climbers it’s super useful to make connections (e.g. we exchanged contact details with Bev), as well as to learn about the area and logistics of climbing in El Chorro (e.g. I feel much more confident in being able to organise an independent trip there now).

I’m very keen to help your business in any way I can because it’s truly been an amazing trip so please let me know if you’d like to add a testimony from me and Frank to the website or if we could post a review somewhere else.

Thanks for a great time!

GV, Sport Climbing in El Chorro, March 2019.

I just wanted to say thanks again for a fantastic course. It was great to see such well thought out coaching models and plans that I can apply to my own clients as well as being a great environment to share ideas with the others on the course. It's left me feeling motivated to be less slack with my own personal training and keen to work with more young climbers again! What a great bunch of people on the course as well and I think it's the first time that I wasn't the youngest on an MT course - I'm not sure if that's because I'm getting old or because there are more youths getting involved!

CM. Development Coach training January 2019.

Again I thought the day was brilliant. A very different beast to the FUNdamentals and much more difficult for me - the enormity of the task ahead has not passed me by - but you reassured with constant references to how we might break it down, taking small steps, aiming for small improvements. This slowly, slowly approach will be crucial for me. These are key skills, in my eyes applicable everywhere in my current and future life whatever it might bring, but especially at work and as a parent - my only regret is not getting involved earlier! Again climbing keeps on giving...

EB, Foundation Coach Training 8th Feb 2019

Massive thanks for the course the other day, really enjoyed it and it really helped me further my thoughts as a coach.  I am thinking about going straight to the developmental training but doing the FUNdamentals 2 and 3 beforehand to concrete my knowledge, do you run both of these workshops? 

GP Foundation Coach Training 8th Feb 2019

Feedback for the course. I genuinely thought it was great, the content was excellent and it made me think a lot about what I need to put in place to make my coaching successful. It was a clever balance between the classroom and wall activities to keep people engaged. I thought it was an excellent day and definitely well worth attending! 

Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions! 

RB Foundation Coach Training 8th Feb 2019

Yeah thanks for yesterday. It was absolutely brilliant. What really stood out to me as a business owner was that you addressed the demands of the staff AND the business. You took a really balanced approach with theory and practice and made sure we were all getting something out of it.... very impressed! Everyone was happy with the day - happy staff = happy customers down the line! :-)

TR, December 2018

Thanks for running a great day this week for us. You were totally right about my decision not to skip Foundation Coach training and the huge value I will have by completing the scheme as it is designed. I have to say that xxxx was right also in her recommendation to attend your course and the amount of thorough preparation and thought you put into the structure and delivery to make it a great day. It doesn't matter if you've been working in the industry for years or you've heard the coaching theories before, there is always something more to learn, or be reminded of or another way of delivering it and when it is delivered well there is definitely always more to learn. Thank you. 

It made me realise that the FUNdamentals 1/2 course that I did was a long time ago and didn't have the nice clear outcomes that your Foundation Coach course did. I am glad to be completing FUNdas 1 with you next wk and wish I'd done it prior to the Foundation coach day. 

I hope that the uptake for this scheme grows as newly qualified instructors CWI, RCI alike start their careers and perhaps either becomes integrated into these awards or a necessary component because it can only add to the quality of instruction and in turn customer satisfaction/progression.  

I liked how clearly you structured your sessions. I liked that there was the written prompts as well as your verbal dialogue to reiterate the key learning points. I liked that you checked/tested whether we'd retained the learning. Your delivery style is nice and calm and a good pace. And what a great venue! 

Thanks for a great day Andy.  

Catch you next week. 

MB. Foundation Coach Training  December 2018

The week was fantastic, best climbing i have ever done, the fact that you are such a great coach and have such a knowledge of the crags might have had something to do with it! I know both Paul and I are going to come out again next November (in fact please book me on) and I think Dave will too.

JT, El Chorro Dec 2018

Andy, thanks for looking after us and thanks everyone for a really great trip - we’re already missing El Chorro and seeing when we can get back there. I think we definitely got lucky with the weather - glad you managed to get some more climbing in after we left Andy!

SM and LB, El Chorro Dec 2018

Hi Andy
Huge huge thanks for a fantastic week. I had a great time, loads of fun, added to knowledge and it was amazing to be back in rock again !
It’s all positives from me Andy, your coaching style is absolutely spot on: calm, enthusiastic and massively  encouraging helping everyone to achieve and make progress. Love your progress based approach.  Your knowledge of the area, conditions etc made small of the sometimes challenging weather. We got out and climbed every day.. wow !!
Definitely going to be getting outside more and on sport once the weather warms a little !

Thanks again for a fantastic week
El Chorro, March 2018

Following a week with Andy in El Chorro Spain, I would very highly recommend Andy (Climb for life) to anyone from beginners to more experts. For me the trip was my first proper induction to sport climbing, making a transition from bouldering. Throughout the week Andy introduced each aspect of sport climbing appropriately at a pace that allowed for us to progress quickly and safely finishing up with us confidently leading our own routes. As well as the vast technical knowledge that Andy has to offer in improving performance he also takes a more holistic approach to climbing offering advice and instruction on the psychological and mental aspects of the sport that are so important in making progress. In addition to all of the above Andy is a generally all round great guy and it was a fantastic week!!

El Chorro, March 2018

Thanks Andy for delivering a fun filled, educational and perfectly pitched FUNDas 1. Loads of new stuff to play with!! Ace!

This is how my chimp is feeling after a great day on the #BMCFUNdamentals course with @swann_andy for the #battlebackcentre.

Yea very good. Very useful. I definitely recommend Andy Swann.

Had a great couple of days doing Development Coach Training course with Andy Swann. I've left super psyched to progress with my own climbing and help others.

Absolutely great course Andy. Really well delivered - I've left super motivated to progress.

Had a great couple of days doing Development Coach Training course with Andy Swann. I've left super psyched to progress with my own climbing and help others.

Thanks for putting together another fantastic course Andy! Probably my favourite Mountain Training course to date. Great fellow coaches on the course too, really enjoyed our discussions!

"I did Foundation Coach Training with Andy. We hadn't met before and I'll admit I was open-minded but slightly cynical about what hard outputs I might get from the course. I could not have been more wrong! Andy delivered an excellent day at Harrogate Wall that was very practical, packed full of 'high protein' tips and enjoyable too. Andy catered to our mixed-ability group with ease and I certainly left with a very clear picture of what good 'foundation coaching' is. He followed up the course with sending us all the slide pack and other resources. A superb day and I will certainly be looking to do further coaching modules under Andy's instruction. I highly recommend Andy and Climb for Life!"

Mike D.  Foundation Coach training. 8/02/2018

A great day yesterday for Durham Climbing Centre coaches completing Mountain Training Foundation Coach Award. Thanks to Andy Swann. Foundation Coach training. February 2018

Hi Andy,

The course was awesome! I have learned so much. I put in order so many intuitive knowledge and behaviours I had. It directed me straight up for a new path of development as a coach and a climber. It was intense - and this is what I expected. It was smooth and it varied in the lecture and practice. Enough of everything to get the points you were talking about. As a listener, I felt you know the subject very well and any discussion which was worth a while that appears during the course  was summarized by you to complete the subject or to direct it to the final open question. I liked that a lot. Also, you were open to new resources and seeing the mentor willing to develop is purely inspiring. 

Madzik. Development Coach training February 2018

Thank you Andy, a very enjoyable day. I feel energised to refine my coaching skills. Dave H. Foundation Coach training 08/02/2018

Hi Andy!

Thank you so much for Marek's 1-2-1 today! He loved it so much and you gave him lots of inspiration! We needed you. I'm hugely grateful for your willingness to do it and all the support you gave him. Performance coaching. 1/11/2017

Big shout out to Andy for these two superb days at Almscliffe:) It was great fun and I'm psyched for more trad and jams! Moritz, Trad course Nov 2017

Quality day on the Foundation Coach course at Harrogate wall courtesy of Andy Swann. Would recommend to all climbing instructors learnt loads. 
Cheers, Ben H Nov 2017

Great day, thanks Andy! Zoe F Nov 2017Foundation Coach training.

Thanks again for such an awesome weekend Andy and Rachel. Little Chamonix and Brown Slabs in the sun! Just awesome. Had so much fun. Multi pitch climbing intro, Lakes October 2017

Thanks so much for yesterday. Hopefully the first of many days out together. Jeremy. Guided climbing day. October 2017.

Was a pleasure to spend the week with you Andy. Shared some pretty memorable highs and lows. Wednesday was about as wet, windy and cold as it could get, but last night with the view from Ullscarf, perfect night nav' conditions, that huge rising full moon and opening up my tent to the sunrise in the valley this morning was amazing. Matt. ML assess Oct 2017.

Your never too old to learn! Had a great weekend with Charlie and Andy. Andy provided some superb advice and guidance over two very worthwhile climbing days.
Having climbed for years but at relatively modest grades the time spent on the crag gave some fantastic pointers to allow me move forward. Its up to me now!!!!

Gavin K. Multi pitch trad course Lakes October 2017.

Big thanks to Indhu for my climbing course birthday pressie and to Andy Swann for delivering another belter! Top marks guys.....that one scored a 10! Multi pitch intro. North Wales. Sept 2017

Great time Andy! We did our first multi pitch route on our own today so thanks for all the tuition!

North Wales, intro to multi pitch. August 2017.

Another great weekend, thanks Andy. North Wales, intro to multi pitch. August 2017.

Brilliant few days doing FUNdamentals 1&2 with   Andy Swann. BMC F1 and 2. July 2017.

Thanks Andy for such an awesome day learning to lead at Almscliffe Crag with katie and Rachel. . I now feel I could confidently lead climb, and set up top ropes etc. Learn to Lead, Almscliffe. July 1 2017.

Spent a superb day at Almscliff Crag learning a whole host of invaluable rescue techniques.  Andy made the day relaxed and enjoyable whilst providing a great level of detail in new skills he was teaching us.  Even the prusiking was fun!  Improvised Self Rescue 03/06/17.

Thanks for the training yesterday. All the staff were very happy with the session, I had excellent feedback from them all. Foundation Coach training 01/06/17.

Overall a fantastic course, making a lot of key points that coaches should think about. Great session Andy. Foundation Coach training 31/05/17

Great day, REALLY informative and the right amount of interactive! Foundation Coach training 31/05/17

Really useful discussions about all aspects of the coaching role. Thanks!. Foundation Coach training 31/05/17

Great delivery, extremely friendly:). Foundation Coach training 31/05/17

Really well delivered, thought provoking day. Adapted well to suit the group. Cheers Andy! Foundation Coach training 31/05/17

Good mix of handouts to support theory. good style: felt comfortable sharing thoughts and planning sessions. Foundation Coach training 31/05/17

Excellent delivery. A superb day, really engaging and useful. Good resources. Overall - excellent. Thanks Andy. Foundation Coach training 31/05/17

Good, to the point day. no waffling which is good. Foundation Coach training 31/05/17

Great climbing day today - we both really enjoyed it. If you do anything similar over the summer let me know. Intro to outdoor climbing 12/05/17

A class tutor and amazing person to boot! Learned so much - still lots left to learn! 10/05/17

It is always so inspiring to see you, and thanks for all you have taught us, wouldn't have got to the point we are without a good coach as you!! 09/05/17

Thanks for all your teachings and support. We both love your coaching style and attitude. 09/05/17

Based in Yorkshire / North-East? Interested in any aspect of climbing, coaching or mountaineering for yourselves or your kids? I can strongly recommend you check out Andy Swann's services. A top professional who gets results in a fun and informative way. 08/05/17

Anyone thinking of trying out climbing, wanting to improve, starting to lead or wanting to gain qualifications, then give this company a shout. I've known Andy Swann for a long time and he's a great guy and fab on the rock. 07/05/17

All staff found the course very useful, particularly the practicals. We all took something away with us, lots of great ideas so all good. FUNdamentals1/2 - 02/03 May

I just wanted to say again, how much I enjoyed and got out of the course this week. Having had chance to think about the course and your delivery, I really do think your style gets the best out of people; personally I feel this is because you are working to your ethos. I came away enthused, educated and excited about it all.  The course was run at a great pace with a good amount of practical. As I said on the day I have done a lot of courses and I do really feel your standard of course is very high. I have taken away a lot to try and implement in my sessions/work in the future. Development Coach Training 24-5/04/17

Awesome two days doing Development Coach training with Andy Swann. 24-5/04/17

The best thing I've ever done in climbing is going on courses with Andy Swann. You'll gain invaluable knowledge which will open up a world of opportunity for your climbing adventures! Plus Andy is an absolutely awesome guy. Best weekend ever. Who would have thought trad could be so much fun? Intro to trad climbing 22-3/04/17

Hi Andy. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Absolutely loved the day up at Almscliffe; I learned a lot and the pace was perfect - I felt like I got a good base of knowledge but I was never uncomfortable. I’d definitely like to organise another day at some point to take things further. Learn to Lead 09/04/17

I don't think I've absorbed so much information since learning children are delivered by storks. Amazing day. Such a great teacher! Rock Rigging 02/04/17

Brilliant day guys. Thanks Andy for a fantastic session. What an awesome day! Intro to Outdoor Climbing 01/04/17

Very professional. Good structure and delivery. Fun, relaxed and informative. Dealt well with all candidates. / Great to start off with a practical session. Interesting course. / Well delivered course. Great material on the day. / Excellent course, well delivered, very thought provoking. Highly recommended. Four reviews from Foundation Coach Training 30/03/17

Our students had a fantastic day out climbing at Stanage Edge in the Peak District with Andy from Grit, Track and Trail. A huge thank you to Andy for having us for the day, hopefully we'll come back soon! Intro to Climbing with students from Hill Holt Wood 27/03/17

Had a fantastic time on a recent sport climbing trip to El Chorro in Spain with Andy from Grit Track and Trail. From the accommodation, to the climbing, to the coaching; everything was spot on and carefully thought out. It made for a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable trip. Right up there with one of the best ever. Thanks Andy! 19/03/17

Perfect weather for our last A2 Level PE Mountain Walking Assessment. It's been a fantastic few days. Thanks again. 09/03/17

Many thanks to Andy Swann running the foundation climbing coach assessments at Harrogate climbing wall today. My students had a fantastic day being coached. MT Foundation Coach Assessment 02/03/17

I enjoyed the assessment. It was bit nerve racking at first but once I got into it I soon left the nerves behind. I thought your feedback at the end of the session was good and I've taken it all on board. So even on assessment I've still come away with some valuable information to make me a better coach. MT Foundation Coach Assessment 02/03/17

Thanks again for the assessment on the second. I really enjoyed the process and forgot I was being assessed for most of the time. It was good to get feedback and has definitely spurred me on to do more. MT Foundation Coach Assessment 02/03/17

Big up and thank you to Andy Swann for the coaching & to the BMC for devising and running the FUNdamentals of Climbing Courses (Get on them!) MT Foundation Coach Assessment 02/03/17

Fantastic day, thanks Andy and all the coaches. Learnt lots in every session. Now just need to find time to get back to the wall to practice. MT Foundation Coach Assessment 02/03/17

It was so good to see you again.  The workshop were very well run as I expected, adapting to the needs of the group, with great tips that hopefully will help us as coaches. FUNdas 2 28/02/17

Just wanted to thank you all for a great couple of days of training. I really enjoyed it and my brain is more fried than normal but in a good way. Lots to think about and do. Trail checking and repair course 24/02/17

Hello Andy, just a quick thanks for a really enjoyable and informative course in Dalby Forest. The course content, delivery, pacing and route were excellent and I learned a great deal from you and the other students whilst having fun and a grand weekend away. The experience will stand me in good stead in my work and future ride organisation and leadership aspirations. Already thinking about the Advanced course but probably something for next year. MTB Leader course 19/02/17

Did my first ever Lead Climb tonight - 5+ and only getting better from there. Also smashed a 6b route that almost killed me a few weeks ago! YAY! Thanks Andy for an awesome few weeks of coaching!!! Four week coaching course 09/02/17

Great course over last few weeks fella. Cheers again! Next one to be outdoor trad climbing! Four week coaching course 09/02/17

Thank you for your help Andy it gave the basics which helped me get on the call out list with Scarbourgh and Rydale mountain rescue respects to a great climber but also a good teacher and great all rounder.

Despite being at a very basic level, the course was not at all patronising and was delivered really well, at a good pace and was very relevant to our work environment. The theory based contact was also very interactive which meant we were engaged in the session. Forestry Commission MTB course 18/01/17

Andy is going to struggle to get many sub 5 star reviews. What's not to like? World class climber and teacher, first class chap with an intimate knowledge of the mountains and crags both nationally and internationally. I have been on a few of Andy's courses including single pitch trad, rock rigging for multipitch, indoor climbing technique, as well as having been to El Chorro twice for some pretty epic outdoor sports climbing. Came back better after each session, "better" in the sense of a more technical, knowledgeable, safe and relaxed climber. Also attended an outdoor mountain navigation course which was actually fairly mind blowing. Thought I knew how to read a map, quickly realised that I knew very little and came away actually able to build a mental picture a mountain from looking at a map, as well as navigate using bearings and pace / distance from a map and compass in zero visibility with a very high degree of accuracy. Just to give you an idea of Andy's creativity, the navigation day couldn't have been worse in terms of teaching a mountain nav course; visibility was perfect! So he found us a place in which miles of ferns were above head height, then sent us navigating through that. Stroke of genius! What I have learned from Andy is beyond price. His priorities are safety and confidence which go hand in hand, he teaches you how to make a situation safe whilst retaining the adventure and is an exceptional judge of where each person is at. I set out to become an all-round mountaineer with some ambitious aims in the Alps and Himalaya, chose Andy as my teacher. In a couple of short years he has got me close to my aims, just need to practice now. Cannot thank you enough. 20/12/16

I just wanted to let you know that the course went really well on Saturday and all of the students and myself have learned a great deal. Andy was a fantastic teacher and facilitator and we will be most definitely booking courses with you again in the future. Thank you. Advanced Bike Maintenance 26/11/16

Cracking day today Andy, cheers again! Will have to get the outdoor lead climb course booked in soon. Learn to Lead 19/11/16

Great day on the wall today with Andy Swann having an introduction to lead climbing. Lot of fun and top bloke! Learn to Lead 19/11/16

Just done a lead climbing course with Andy, absolutely brilliant. He sticks to the fundamentals and teaches exactly what you need to be confident leading. Highly recommended. Learn to Lead 19/11/16

Hi Andy, I really enjoyed the week's climbing. The new crag, Serena (?) was great: lots of varied routes and grades for all, and not busy either. Displo continues to keep on giving and your pacing of the days, re skill levels , was just right. Just like last year, it remains one of the highlights of my year. I got a PB and am already planning to join you again next November. So many thanks indeed for your help, guidance and patience on a memorable climbing trip! El Chorro 12/11/16

Thanks for making this trip possible Andy, and for guiding us all up some most excellent routes and thanks to everyone for making it such a laugh. I've got some great memories, it was a lot of fun climbing with you all.The Olive Branch is such a good place. Little things like they had placed the tents in the shade of olive trees so that they remained cool in the day, and Simon's food was something else. I think everyone will agree Andy that you are a pro; you lead a widely spread mixed group (in terms of experience) on a 5 day adventure into the mountains of Andalucia on some of the most spectacular routes for our respective grades. El Chorro 12/11/16

Firstly, an amazeballs trip! You have inspired both me and my kin. With respect to our time in The Olive Branch...I can only speak for myself, but I felt at home and very comfortable and liked the time in the bunkhouse chatting to folk. El Chorro 12/11/16

The best and safest place to begin or push your sport climbing. Andy is an excellent teacher and can coach all abilities of climbers in a positive and encouraging way. We had a brilliant time in El Chorro. Will definitely be back! Thanks! 11/11/16

El Chorro with Andy has to be one of the best holidays ever. We were a group of somewhat varied levels and experience, but he managed to shape our boundless enthusiasm into safe, disciplined climbing practices with an empathy and wit that can’t be taught, and a depth of climbing wisdom which only comes from loving and living the sport for the best part of a half century. From general principles to individual tweaks he helped us develop the skill set and mindset required to go out, enjoy and improve. All this in the context of fantastic weather, awesome scenery, some cracking chat and some pretty good cups of tea. A special shout out has to go to the Olive Branch team for putting us up with such excellent food and a super friendly atmosphere. Despite assertions to the contrary, what happened in El Chorro didn’t necessarily stay there: the grit season training is underway, people are booked to go back and learn multipitch, and when the call of the Trad becomes too strong to resist, we’ll be turning to Andy to help us put Elvis firmly in his place once more. Thanks mate. El Chorro 05/11/16

The trip really exceeded our expectations in every way and we already can't wait for next year! El Chorro 05/11/16

Andy has fantastic coaching experiences, lots of knowledge in subject, not just related to climbing. / Thanks for a really enjoyable course Andy; definitely worth the long drive up to Newcastle. / Excellent and eye opening! / Good to have lively discussions with a wide range of people with a wide range of experiences. / Enjoyed the level the course was pitched at. Spot on. Covered the syllabus comprehensively: good discussion/review sessions. Really enjoyed the day. Learnt new stuff. Five reviews from Foundation Coach Training 19/10/16

Thanks so much Andy, we had a great weekend! I'd been a bit nervous about the course but had a mega relaxed and fun couple of days, nothing to worry about! Can't wait to have some more mountain days soon. Multi-pitch weekend 17/09/16

Many thanks for running the FUNdamentals course yesterday. I have already had extremely positive feedback from the members of staff that attended. Andy delivered a highly interesting and practical workshop. We would be extremely happy for him to return to run similar courses in the future. BMC FUNdas 1 11/09/16

Had the most amazing ride. Scenery, landscapes, terrain, a brew and cake. Probably the best day ever. Epic. The Yorkshire Moors rock! Thanks Andy for sharing such a fantastic ride with us and for your company. We'll be back! Guided MTB ride 29/08/16

Cheers for the day. Really enjoyed getting out and making progress with the leading. Learn to Lead 27/08/16

Thanks for the sessions. They have definitely helped get me focused and I'm seeing definite improvements. Performance Coaching 25/08/16

It was great to have you over! The staff all loved having a go at the crack climbing techniques, as it was something that was a little unusual. They came away with some great practical ideas for being able to use in sessions; Lisa tried out a few of the games this morning with one of our holiday groups, which was great. Everyone commented on how good the atmosphere was and how much they enjoyed the way you delivered the content, so nothing but positives. BMC FUNdas 1 and 2 13-14/08/16

A great day out, really enjoyed it and learned a bunch of new skills. Hill and moorland navigation 06/08/16

Thank you very much for a very interesting, professional and informative Foundation Training Course. MT Foundation 02/08/16

Thanks Andy, I had a great time! Lots to think about and work on once my muscles have recovered and when the skin on my hands grows back! Fantastic day - thank you! 1:1 climbing day 16/07/16

Thanks for a fab day on Saturday, was great fun and learnt lots too. Beginners' MTB at Dalby Forest 10/07/16

Thanks for all the stuff you have sent over and for the course on Friday. I am usually reticent about courses but you made it fun and informative so thanks. MT Foundation Training 08/07/16

Big thanks to Andy Swann on running foundation coaching award training . Lots of useful info to work on, and as always plenty of banter. MT Foundation Training 08/07/16

What a great day that was , 15+ climbs, virtually no one else around, beautiful surroundings , learning some new stuff , great routes, great chat and an HVS to finish. Many thanks indeed Andy , that was a top day! 1:1 climbing day 07/07/16

I've just come back for a 3 day course with Andy learning to lead trad climbing and I can honestly say the whole experience from start to finish was just brilliant. Andy demonstrated gear placements, setting-up anchors and belays as well as what to do if things don't go to plan. He then continued to show how to use these skills in loads of different scenarios so I can apply them wherever I climb. From start to finish Andy was professional, enthusiastic, patient and safe, but the best thing was that it was like climbing with a really encouraging friend. I've come away confident and really excited about the trad side of climbing. Thanks Andy! I'd thoroughly recommended Andy to anyone that wants to get into trad or develop climbing skills. Learning to Lead trad climbing weekend 24/06/16

Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday - we all had a fantastic time! Intro to climbing 19/06/16

We really enjoyed it, it was a great introduction to outdoor climbing. I thought your plan for day was perfect and the feeling I got was the group really had a fun day. Thanks so much for the session yesterday and the photos, looking forward to the mountain biking in July. Intro to climbing 19/06/16

Kevin has returned animated about the trip he really enjoyed it. Thank you for all your planning and most importantly company. Walking/climbing weekend N. Wales 14/06/16

An excellent programme, interspersed well with practical sessions. Great ideas to think about. Thank you. / Really enjoyable and useful session. Great balance between practical and theory. Andy coordinated the session to meet the needs of the group really well. / Good workshop for new instructors. Great delivery from Andy. / Excellent trainer providing thorough knowledge and guidance throughout. A thoroughly enjoyable day, made so by the relaxed and professional delivery and activities. / Fantastic instructor with clear experiences in the subject. / Another excellent course. Lots of ideas taken and food for thought re lesson plans and progression. Overall awesome. Six reviews from FUNdamentals 1/2, 27-28/05/16

Really enjoyed the relaxed learning environment. Information delivered clearly, concisely and at a good level for all people in the group. Was great to explore lots of avenues of coaching and coaching techniques & tips. / Really enjoyed Andy's teaching style and approach. He was inclusive, positive, supportive and gave effective feedback. Thanks. / I really enjoyed this course. I have come away with some new ideas which will help me become a more efficient and professional coach. / Highly valuable information and well led by Andy. / Really enjoyed the practical style of course delivery. Five reviews from Foundation Coach Training 25/05/16

A brilliantly well organised day, everyone is emailing what a great time they had, nice one! The Yorkshire 3 Peaks 15/05/16