Course aims

  • These rescue courses will give you the confidence and skills to problem-solve in a variety of scenarios

the course will cover

The content of these days is variable according to group experience and aspirations. We can cater for recreational climbers and those preparing for assessment at SPA, MIA etc. Typically we will cover:

  • building anchors

  • safe abseiling (including multiple abseils)

  • tying off a belay plate

  • escaping the system

  • prussiking

  • hoisting

Client review

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I thought you pitched the content perfectly and it felt to flow really nicely from our last session.I feel quite comfortable about the theory but it’s the judgement part that’s harder. I particularly liked the bits where you ask us to self direct and then assess. It’s really helpful to go through your thought process and how to critically examine a scenario.I think I’d get a lot out of you asking us to set up anchors in places that you already know are less than ideal and then talk us through how you improvise in those scenarios. Perhaps that’s just where I am in my learning at the moment so maybe not everyone would find that useful.Great days though, looking forward to August and no doubt future courses as well! MC. July 2019.

Thanks for the course, it was really helpful for me as a refresher with a couple new things thrown in, a great venue to know now too! I thought that the course was engaging and varied, it’s great to have people at different levels able to get as much out of the course as each other. EM. July 2019.

Dates, Times and Price

July 14th in North Yorkshire / 10.00 - 16.00 / £55

Venue:  Almscliffe Crag, Brimham Rocks or Scugdale in North Yorkshire

Dates TBC in Northumberland / 10.00 - 16.00 / £55

Venue:  Kyloe Crag or Corby’s Crag in Northumberland


All specialist equipment provided but by all means bring your own if you have it. We have a range of climbing shoes in most sizes.


Get in touch to book onto the course or if you would like to find out more. Booking and payment information can be found here.